Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello from Sri Lanka

Well, gang. I'm in Sri Lanka as a travelling volunteer with my favourite charity, Sleeping Children Around the World. We will be working with the Kelaniya Rotary Club to distribute bedkits to needy kids in some of outlying areas.

The kit includes a mattress, mosquito net, shoes, school supplies, a backpack, a clothing outfit, and some other items. Receiving one of these kits is the biggest event these kids have ever experienced in their young lives.

Of course, it's all made possible by our donors back in Canada.

This little One Minute Movie shows some of the last minute preparations before we head out into the countryside. Click on the full screen icon at lower right for a larger image.



  1. What wonderful work! Good for you for being involved in it. You're changing and saving lives.

  2. How wonderful! This is a great thing you and your companions are doing.