Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Visit

We are so privileged to be here in Sri Lanka with Sleeping Children Around the World, the wonderful Canadian charity that has distributed well over a million bedkits to needy kids in 40 developing countries.

The Sri Lankan version of the kit contains a sleeping mat, mosquito net, shoes, socks, backpack, water bottle, school supplies, and new clothing, all produced and assembled right here in the country by local companies.

Two of of the families who received the kits invited us into their homes, and expressed much gratitude for your gifts. Many thanks to all of my friends and neighbours who contributed.

Three generations live in this little house. Note the shoes being proudly displayed by the young lady who received a bedkit.
This is the kitchen. Food is cooked and prepared outside.
Most of these kids sleep on the floor like this this fellow who we caught napping. I spoke with teachers who said children often fall asleep in class.

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  1. How wonderful to help bring joy and comfort to those in need!