Thursday, July 18, 2013

Honours accepted

Who would want a prison named after them?

This thought was occasioned by an article about Nelson Mandela. I could discover nothing about Victor Verster, but there were thousands of mentions of the Victor Verster Prison's most famous inmate.

Interesting, and satisfying, isn't it? Victor must have been considered a personage (pompous word meaning person of rank or distinction) in his day. After all, a major government institution was named in his honour.

Could he have declined? Perhaps not.

Regardless, he has been flushed into the septic tank of history where all but the most worthy or egregious are blended into fertilizer.

Worse, he can not even be found through Google!

Meanwhile, a jailbird of his eponymous prison has become one of the most revered men of the modern era, a nation-builder and great statesman.

There's a delightful asymmetry about that.


  1. Well that gave me pause for thought. There does seem to be a balancing of the scales of justice in what you say. The mills of God ...

  2. Verster's lucky to be associated in even such a small way with a man of Mandela's stature.

  3. I've never heard of Verster. But Nelson Mandela? That's a different story...