Saturday, June 8, 2013

Black and white

"You can only think black and white, and not grey."

That is Niki Lauda, one of the great Formula 1 drivers, talking about decisions.

Lauda's point is that even a bad decision is better than no decision. As he says, if you see that you've made the wrong decision, you can correct it. At almost 200 miles per hour, amazing reflexes are required for this to be true, but I take his point.

A decision allows you to move on.

Indecisiveness means that you are directionless. Time is wasted, momentum is dissipated, opportunities are lost, the game moves on without you.

And if you happen to be a leader,  all of this applies to your entire team.

In other areas of life, the ability to recognize shades of grey is desirable, even essential. But not when it comes to decisions.

Black and white only.

Which will it be?

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  1. Well I never thought of it but I think you are right, having made the decision to give it some brief thought.