Friday, May 24, 2013

Signs of the times

• One in two Canadians has faked illness to get time off work.

• One in three Canadians foresees World War III in the next 20 years.

• One in four Canadians is obese.

• One in five Canadians was born abroad.

• One in six Canadians has used an illicit drug other than cannabis.

• One in seven Canadians has genital herpes.

• One in eight Canadians barf each year due to foodborne illness.

• One in nine Canadians are affected by Alzheimers disease by age 65.

• One in ten Canadians have gotten down and dirty in a canoe.


  1. Why do I hear the national anthem playing?

    1. One in eleven Canadians hears the national anthem immediately after having told their boss they're too sick to come into work, and then having sex in a canoe. Lie back and think of Canada.

  2. O Canada!....

    I have faked illness to get off work - and harbour no guilt!

  3. hahahahahahahaha. And to think I paddled down the Yukon River with nary a naughty thought!! I wondered why I didn't hear the national anthem playing under the midnight sun!