Thursday, May 2, 2013

Phoning in a hijacking

Want to hijack an airplane? There's an app for that.

Maybe you heard about this. I hadn't, although I admit I don't pay much attention to what passes for news on TV.

Hugo Teso, a pilot and security consultant, spotted weaknesses in the flight communications and control technologies in current use. The effect of these weaknesses is to compromise the safety of flights on commercial airliners.

Teso developed an app for his Android phone that enabled him to upload information such as revised flight plans to a plane's computer, set off various phony alarms and alerts in the cockpit, and even "fly" the aircraft, or crash it. He tested it successfully, using a flight simulator.

His objective is to draw the industry's attention to such vulnerabilities.

Let's hope someone is listening.


  1. Good Lord! The only thing we can hope is that all the bad guys and gals out there are as far behind in creative technological thinking as the airline industry appears to be.

  2. Wow... Ignorance is bliss, and in this case it would have been good!