Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On the cutting edge

Unlikely as it may seem, even to me, I am actually a trendsetter for teenagers.

Yep, about a year ago, I realized that the time I was spending on Facebook wasn't delivering an adequate return, so I chopped it out of my life.

Now Pew Research has discovered that teens have come to perceive Facebook as a "social burden," and "an obligation." Their complaints about "annoying oversharers who drone on about inane events in their lives" pretty much mirrors my sentiments on the matter.

They're not cancelling their Facebook accounts, yet. But they are starting to explore "parent-free" alternatives like Twitter and Instagram.

Told ya!


  1. Well, I've always seen you as a cutting edge trend setter, Doug! At my age level the over sharers tend to be people who never say anything original, just post the wisdom of others - over and over and over and over ... Did I mention they do it often?

    1. Francie, I'm sure you and I are the only folks in our age range who are not oversharing, although I'm not sure about me.

  2. Well, there you have it. You are a visionary. And leading the young out of the murkiness called Facebook. I have an account, but it's like a ghost town; I hardly ever post anything. From my circle of friends (which is small), it's always the same people posting. The same things. It gets dull after awhile.