Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Parental tutorial #1

Where does a parent's responsibility end?

I have a friend who thinks that his two daughters were poorly prepared for the vicissitudes of marriage because their parents never fought.

(Note that, while the latter claim challenges the limits of credulity, personal observation indicates that it may actually be true in this case. Guiness has been alerted.)

My friend muses that, if the girls had witnessed some parental spats while growing up, they might have been better able to understand that the arguments that surfaced in their own marriages were not inevitable precursors to the end of the connubial state.

As it happened, both daughters' marriages ended in divorce.

This may be instructive for those of you with children.

Behave accordingly.


  1. Yes, get out there and fight, fight, fight!

  2. Well now...since my husband and I never fight, my girls are in trouble. Had I still been with my ex husband, they would have had a better chance since him and I fought like cats and dogs :) Poor girls...poorly prepared now for the future...

  3. Jeesh. Your friend needs to realize it isn't always all about him.