Friday, March 8, 2013

Signs of the times

• Provisions of an Ottawa Hospital dress code policy prohibiting tattoos and piercings were declared void and unenforceable by a labour arbitrator.

• The 10 most influential brands in Canada, according to Ipsos, are:
1. Google
2. Microsoft
3. Apple
4. Facebook
5. Walmart
6. Visa
7. YouTube
8. Tim Hortons
9. Air Miles
10. CBC
It's disappointing that only two have a direct Canadian connection. The top four are also the most influential brands in the world.

• 20% of online teens in Canada have witnessed someone they know being bullied on social networking sites.

• Telepresence weddings, in which the participants are in separate locations but feel as if they are present in the same space thanks to video and other technologies, are on the rise.

• A devastating drought in Europe and a freak hailstorm in Australia has resulted in a looming shortage of olive oil.

• 15% of wheelchair requests at Los Angeles International Airport, about 300 per day, are able-bodied travellers who are tired of waiting in line, want to get to the front of security lines, or want someone to help them with their bags. 


  1. Disney has a strict "no visible tattoos" rule for its employees too but it had to change it in Hawaii for a new hotel complex. Because tattooing is such an integral part of polynesian culture, EVERYONE is tattooed. So if Disney wanted to have hotel staff, it had to bend.

  2. Another round of interesting things going on around us. I'm not surprised Tim Hortons made it on that least. I would have been more surprised if it hand't.

    This is the first I hear about telepresence weddings, although it should be something expected with the amount of technology going on. I do see some absuses arises from it though. This online stuff has its downside.