Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A horse named Reckless

[Thanks to Wayne and Anita of Alliston, Ontario, for sending this along.]

The men who fought in the brutal Korean War (June 1950–July 1953), including 27,000 Canadians, didn't get the recognition they deserved. It has been called the "forgotten war." People were tired of war after World War II, and most folks had hardly even heard of Korea back then.

Nonetheless, many brave soldiers died, including 516 of our own. I hope you enjoy this inspiring tale of a horse that served bravely in that conflict, and survived.

Can't view the video? Click here.


  1. What a great story and video! A real-life "War Horse."

  2. Great video! What an amazingly brave and beautiful animal. Now, I DO know her name, and her story.