Friday, February 8, 2013

Signs of the times

• During a renovation, a Florida bank accidentally destroyed 28 safe deposit boxes containing customers' important documents, securities, etc. One SunTrust customer lost $120,000 in savings bonds.

Emooter measures the the happiness of an organization's employees by regularly asking them how they're feeling.

• Peel Region of Ontario, where I live, is comprised of people having more than 200 different ethnic origins and speaking more than 70 native languages. Amazing, and we all get along pretty well. [Source: Fair Share Task Force]

• It turns out that, contrary to a Washington Post story, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is not proposing the creation of a national Wi-Fi network that would enable people almost anywhere in the country to make phone calls and access the web without charge.

• A group of survivalists want to build a giant stone-walled fortress for 7,000 families in Idaho. It would have its own firearms factory, and residents would be required to own weapons for defence of the compound.

Canned air is now for sale in China.

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  1. 200 different ethnic origins and more than 70 languages and you're all getting along pretty well! Love that!