Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My cyberwar

Information pours into our day in a torrent.

How do we manage it?

You need a screening system. Here's mine:
1. Have heard too much about it already. (e.g. fiscal cliff, gangnam style, horse meat, gas prices, Blackberry, Rob Ford.)

2. Have heard of it, but don't give a shit about it. (e.g. A-Rod's problems, Tiger Woods' problems, Randy Quaid's problems, Chinese hackers penetrating Washington's computers, latest rapper with weird name shot while driving expensive sports car, asteroid that missed earth by 17,000 miles, Justin Bieber.)

3. Have never heard of it and don't want to. (Self explanatory.)

4. You again? (e.g. Lawyer for deceased billionaire with news that I am in the will, notice that I have won sweepstakes I have never entered, Nigerian student wanting me to pay his college tuition and/or sponsor his immigration to Canada, Nebraska woman who has discovered miracle remedy unknown to medical science, warning that bad luck will befall me if I do not send an attached "miraculous and sacred" image to at least 20 people within 13 days.)
 Pass this on to seven people and you will receive a "substantial, unexpected financial reward" within a week.


  1. Can't believe that you've heard too much about Rob ford. He's only half way through his term!