Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finding Vivian Maier

I found this intriguing video on Pamela Patchet's wonderful blog, A Novel Woman.

While Vivian Maier appears to have been an extreme example, many talented people hide their creativity from the world, while others with few such gifts push themselves forward and often find wealth and fame.

Some might say that this reticence is due to a lack of confidence or drive, or a belief that the work is not deserving of public scrutiny, or that it is not art at all.

I surmise that, for some, the creative process is driven solely by personal fulfillment, with no need to share the result. For those artists, the creative act itself provides sufficient rewards, and the approval of others is superfluous.

Can't view the video? Click here.


  1. I think your insight is right on! This world rewards extroverted self-promoters all right.

    I'd be very interested in seeing the full documentary about her. A marvelous eye!

  2. I remember there was a show about her work in Chicago a while back that I wanted to see so I must have seen a documentary or a blog about her. She soesn't look like someone who needed anyone in her space so maybe that lack of neediness was what allowed her into the space of so many others. As Debra says, marvelous eye!