Friday, January 18, 2013

Signs of the times

• A father in China, perturbed by the amount of time his adult son spent playing online video games, hired digital hit men (other gamers) to kill off all his son's characters.

• Coming to your iPhone or Android phone,  ScoutMob is an app that alerts you to rapidly-expiring deals on local food, coffee, and shops for your current location.

• Immigrants are, on average, more highly educated than native-born Canadians. Since the 1970s, most are independent or economic immigrants, who are selected based on Canada's points system. These immigrants tend to have some form of post-secondary education, and substantial numbers have advanced university degrees.

• Countries that require people to opt out of organ donor programs have registration rates averaging 98 percent of their population. In the U.S., which has an opt-in policy, participation is about 40%. In Canada, it is even worse, at 20%.

• While 60% of Canadians give themselves a B grade or higher for overall tech savviness, only 4% actually earn that grade, as indicated by a survey conducted for Rogers Communications.

• The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that, just because it floats, it is not necessarily a boat. The case dealt with the destruction of a floating house by the city of Riviera Beach, Florida, which justified its action under federal maritime law.


  1. Very interesting! Laughed out loud with the father in China who hired digital hit men!