Friday, January 4, 2013

Signs of the times

• According to recent large polls, 56% of British adults do not believe in God or a "higher power."

• A recent Forum poll found that 22% of Canadians do not believe in God or a "supreme being."

 • A 2009 Pew survey found that 5% of American adults say they do not believe in God or a "universal spirit."

• Globally, Pew's analysis says that about 84% of the earth's population are affiliated with a religious group, and 16% are unaffiliated.

• In modern times, as long as there have been three competitive parties at the federal level in Canada, governments have won a majority only three times with more than 50 per cent of the popular vote: 1940 (King); 1958 (Diefenbaker); 1984 (Mulroney).

• Japan’s aging population now buys more adult diapers for incontinent seniors than baby diapers.

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