Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hash browns

There are no frozen hash brown potatoes in our local Metro supermarket.

They are not just out of stock. The store is not carrying them any more.

What the hell? We have been buying these for decades. They are a staple. I spoke with one of the store workers. He, too, could not believe that the hash browns had disappeared. We walked the frozen food aisle together, twice, and stared in amazement at the spot where they used to be, now taken over by beans.

Stunned silence, like realizing that a once-common species of bird had suddenly become extinct. Gone forever from the face of the earth.

"Management," he nodded, knowingly.

Back home, I reported all this to my wife, who looked askance.

"Surely not," she said. "Can you believe it?" I said.

On the next trip, I checked again, hoping that it had been a temporary oversight, now corrected. But no, they were not there.

One thinks, "Are we the only customers who eat hash browns now? Have hash browns fallen out of favour without our knowing?"


The store has created a whole new section devoted to frozen French fries. They have about 25 varieties of French fries, but we do not want French fries. And we don't want the little "gourmet" pouches of frozen, cubed potatoes with Rosemary and other spices, which cost twice as much and taste half as good, either.

A line has been drawn in the vegetables.

We will be taking our patronage elsewhere. Some things can not be abided.

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  1. Stand tall, Douglas!

    I'm with you all the way on this one. If we can't believe in the sanctity of the vegetable aisle, then what can we believe in!