Friday, December 14, 2012

Signs of the times

• In 31 American states, if a rape results in a woman giving birth, the rapist can exercise his parental rights to demand access to the child.

• 3-D printers that enable users to design and produce plastic objects are now available for less than $500! Here's a video that shows such a printer in operation. More expensive models can create objects from a variety of materials, with amazing levels of detail.

• A petition demanding that the White House build a Death Star has 25,000 signatures.

• Nine in ten Canadian parents with teenagers who have their license rate their teens' driving ability as fairly good, or better.

• In a current scam, hackers infect your PC with a virus that locks it, preventing access to your files. They then demand hundreds of dollars to unlock it, but rarely do so even when the money is paid.

• A new study suggests that, to boost your brain's creativity, take a hike, and leave the laptop and iPhone at home.

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