Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No diet for digital

This interesting graphic comes from, and shows how our consumption of media has changed over the past 130 years.

The media explosion began in the 1940's with television, which continues to grab more of our time. As digital media have entered the scene, print has been the big loser, but outdoor media (billboards and the like)  have maintained their share.

The internet, while still less popular than TV, is rising at a steep rate.

This chart suggests that, as recently as 1960, newspapers, radios, and television consumed just four hours per day for an average individual, compared to about 10 hours of media immersion today.

With the exception of the declining interest in print, we haven't reduced our usage of older media as new ones appear. We've just added more layers to the mix. That's why the chart projects that we'll spend 12 hours/day consuming media by 2020!

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