Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grandma goes digital

While Boomers are lagging behind younger Canadians in their adoption of the latest digital gizmos, they are catching up, according to a survey by Ipsos.ca.

89% of Canadians aged 46 to 65 now have internet access, but just 29% have smartphones (compared with almost half of younger folk). Nonetheless, smartphone use by Boomers is up 11 percentage points since 2011, and they are just as likely as their kids and grandkids to own a tablet.

Why do some older people gravitate more readily to new technologies? Ipsos doesn't say, but I surmise that grandchildren are responsible, directly or indirectly.

I'll bet plenty of grandparents will find tablets under the tree this Christmas, courtesy of the little ones and their parents, and others will be signing up for Skype, Flickr, and Facebook accounts so they can stay in touch with grandkids' doings.

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