Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vive la différence

Well, maybe not.

France places 48th on the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap list. In the seven years that the list has been published, there has been "slow progress" in most of the countries sampled. Iceland tops the list, followed by Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Canada ranks 21st, the U.S. 22nd.

France actually dropped two spots since 2010, and is down there with the Kyrgyz Republic and Macedonia. This might have prompted the Prime Minister to send his ministers back to school for anti-sexism classes.

But it was more likely some recent, embarrassing, gaffes by those in high office.

Yes, the Equality Ministry is offering a series of "gender equality sensitization" sessions to help them become more "égalitaire"and avoid gender stereotypes in their references to their female colleagues.

Presumably female ministers will be subjected less frequently to catcalls when they wear dresses in Parliament, or dismissed as incapable of understanding technical subjects, as in the past.

All of this is happening against a background of constant revelations about the sex lives of senior government members.

The president's live-in girlfriend has a tiff with the mother of his children; the previous president divorces his wife when she has an affair, and immediately marries a model/entertainer; the French chief of the IMF is accused of sexual assault by a hotel chambermaid in New York; the former justice minister accuses a hotel tycoon of siring her child.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

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  1. Fascinating - in a depressing way. After I saw that Pakistan was something like 134th (?) my wonder and admiration for the young girl who was shot by the Taliban and her father has grown even more.