Friday, November 16, 2012

Things I learned this week

I learned that:
• Campbell's Soup, knowing that soup sells in miserable weather, developed an algorithm that uses meteorological data to track weather patterns and triggers media ad buys in regions that are currently cold or wet.

• A recent survey [PDF] conducted by research company Edelman Berland found that consumers view advertising and marketing as one of the professions least valuable to society. Surprisingly, only 35 percent of marketing professionals considered their own profession valuable.

• Fisher Pens spent $2 million to develop a pen that would work in zero gravity for use by NASA astronauts on space missions. The Soviets used a pencil.

• Firms whose male CEOs have wider faces achieve superior financial performance, according to researchers.

• Powerful people feel taller than they are.

• Having sex burns off 360 calories per hour.
How about that?

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