Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Inventive Canada

Reading an article in the New York Times, I see IMAX described as an American technology. IMAX is the large-format, extremely high resolution, film format invented by the Canadian IMAX Corporation.

This happens all the time. Canadians have invented many of the products and technologies that populate the modern world. But if you asked any ten people in China, the United States, Europe, or Canada for that matter, all would say these were American inventions:
• Peanut butter
• Walkie-talkie
• Standard time
• Java programming language
• Pager
• Telephone
• Radio telephony (forerunner of the cellphone)
• Hydrofoil boats
• Variable pitch propeller
• Electric wheelchair
• Prosthetic hand
• G-suit (worn by all fighter jet pilots to enable tight turns)
• Instant replay
• Electron microscope
• Pablum
• Plexiglass
• Garbage bag
• Alkaline battery
• Electric oven
• Paint roller
• Electric badger catapult
And this is just a small sample.

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  1. Damn those Yanks. We must stand tall, Doug. The electric badger catapult is ours!!