Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An estimable man

I rarely delve into politics here, but the recent defeat and retirement of Jean Charest deserves a mention.

Many have perhaps forgotten that, as leader of the Progressive Conservatives following Kim Campbell's crushing 1993 defeat, Charest rebuilt the party from the virtual oblivion of 2 seats to 20 seats in the next election.

As a rising star in Ottawa politics (some thought a future Prime Minister), in 1998 he sidetracked his career (and possibly the survival of the PC party) to answer the call from the Quebec Liberals to lead them in their desperate hour of need.

This young, dynamic figure, survivor of motorcycle crashes and dedicated federalist, plunged in to push back the separatist tide that threatened to float Quebec adrift from Canada once and for all.

By 2003, he had become Premier of the province, and governed until last week's PQ victory.

Accusations, yet to be proven, have been levelled, but no one can deny his decade-long contribution to keeping Canada intact.

Merci, Jean.


  1. Any chance he'll run for the Federal Liberal leadership? Or is that just a rumour?

  2. He will need to get clear of the current accusations before that could be considered, so it seems unlikely this time around. Down the road, who knows?