Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The prevention of good works

As municipal budgets get tighter, and demand for services continues to increase, we'll be encouraging more folks to step up and get involved in building their communities, right?

Not in Toronto, it seems.

For two decades, Stickie Caddle and Blue Jays Curtis have worked at Fergy Brown Park for free, taking care of the place, digging drainage ditches, cutting weeds, mowing the cricket pitch, and generally keeping the place looking good.

They won awards for their volunteer work.

Curtis even planted a garden, bagged the vegetables, and distributed them to neighbourhood seniors.

It was all on their own time and their own dime.

But city bureaucrats told them to back off, cease and desist.

Something to do with legal liability, they said.

This is how far we've come from the days when, if you saw something that needed doing in your neighbourhood, you could just jump in and do it.

Too bad.

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  1. That is pretty grim. Couldn't you hurt yourself and sue the city just by tripping over a tree brance in a city park? Somebody needs a salt lick in his/her office.