Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exhibitionist invitations

I went to the CNE yesterday. As mentioned previously, I am drawn to it year after year by some deep, primal, need to reconnect with candy floss and midway rides.

Decades ago, as a fresh-faced lad, I actually worked the "ex,"in the Better Living building, demonstrating my employer's futuristic concepts for home entertainment.

So I have a lot of empathy for folks who work at the fair, required to smilingly repeat their script verbatim, with enthusiasm, hundreds or thousands of times over two weeks, on a diet of greasy food, and mostly to people who couldn't care less.

I'd guess most fairgoers switch off as they jostle through the crowds, but I actually like to listen for interesting invitations designed to get my attention.

"Are your underarms ready?," asked the young woman.

Is she speaking to me, I wondered. Doubtful. I can't think of any of my activities where the state of my underarms is a factor. Many of my body parts are showing signs of wear these days, but I think my underarms are serviceable. It does get you thinking, though.

"Are you interested in jumping out of an airplane?"

Another young woman. She seemed serious. Then I realized she was promoting a sky-diving school. As much as I hate sitting in airplanes for long stretches, jumping out of one has even less appeal. I do wonder how many people, wandering on the midway, suddenly realize that this is something they need to do.

"May I demo you?"

Whoa! I have never been demo'd, whatever it is, so why not? I mean, I'm at the fair, I've had lunch, and how often do you get an invitation like that? So, I turned to inquire about it. But this young woman sized me up and quickly looked away, obviously finding me unsatisfactory as a subject for demoing. Geez!

"C'mon it's fun. Get hypnotized!"

I am often eager to try something, and sometimes willing to try something despite a certain amount of trepidation. But hypnosis is none of those. It is in the category Not In This Lifetime. But I am happy to watch other people being hypnotized and doing goofy things as instructed by the hypnotist.

Which I did, yesterday. Watching, that is. If you're going, check it out.

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