Thursday, June 21, 2012

Customary conversations

Canada Border Services Agency won't be eavesdropping on our conversations just yet. Apparently, they need to clear away some regulatory snags before they install those super-sensitive listening devices at border crossings.

So, they'll be missing this kind of chatter in the meantime:
"Okay, let me do the talking. The last time we came through here, you stammered and yammered and they pulled the back seat out of the car looking for stuff."

"Man, I'm all bound up wearing these three pairs of jeans, and I need to pee real bad."

"Nobody say nuttin'! My uncle spent three hours here in 1948 just for saying, "Please hurry up."

"Declare the socks you bought, and maybe they won't notice the lawn mower."

"Hey Mom, should I put some bird seed in my shorts for the budgies?"

"The limit for a day trip is what now, $3000?"

"Oh boy, those clams are startin' to smell."

"I know you're car sick sweetie, but you can't barf 'til we get back to Canada.

"Do ya hafta declare beer if you're drinkin' it?

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! Yes when I was young and had no morals I remember coming back wearing 3 dresses. Not sure how you knew about the clams though.