Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Digitally challenged

I don't text. People sometimes text me, but I don't usually text back. I'm more likely to call them back on my cellphone or, if they are sitting across the table, just say words.

My problem is chubby thumbs. They are not designed for those tiny smartphone keyboards.

And now I learn that I'm not the only one. Research In Motion, maker of the Blackberry, has applied for a patent for a keyboard that is friendlier to chubby thumbs. So you know there must be millions of us out there, sending messages like:
Jihn: ate ypu xoming to thg meetimh tpday diwntpwm?
Billions of dollars have been invested in communications infrastructure to make this possible.

That autocorrect thing doesn't help either. Turn on autocorrect, and the message becomes:
Jive: atom yperite ox to thug meerschaums tap dinner?
Can you imagine receiving such a message on your smartphone?


Emoufh saod. Czll me.

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