Thursday, May 17, 2012

A bad day

Last October, Marian Andrzejewski had a bad day.

He's 74 years old, and lives alone in Ottawa. He has no close family or friends. The woman next door offered him sex for money, he says. He turned down her offer. She did not accept this graciously, he says.

She threw his furniture around and kicked his paintings, so he escorted her out of his apartment, he says.

He called 911. The operator was unsympathetic, mocking, impatient with his broken English, condescending, and chilling, he and his lawyer say.

Then two guys broke down his door and attacked him, he says.

The cops arrived, but they were intercepted by the woman next door. She tells them he had offered her money for sex, pulled her hair out, and ruined her fingernails.

He is arrested, interrogated, charged with forcible confinement and assault, and spends 77 days in the slammer. Did I mention he is 74?

He was acquitted of all charges earlier this year.

Is your life a bit on the boring side? Say a little prayer of thanks.