Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Signs of the times

Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed. ~ Irene Peter
• To deter people from hitching a ride on the top of rail cars, railroads in Indonesia are suspending rows of heavy, grapefruit-sized, concrete balls to rake over the top of trains as they pull out of stations, or when they go through rail crossings.

• Scientists at Bio Architecture Lab say they have isolated an enzyme they could use to rapidly convert seaweed into its constituent sugars, which would make it a source of fuel and other chemicals.

• A new law promising internet users the "right to be forgotten" has been proposed by the European Commission, requiring data about them (Facebook posts and the like) to be deleted upon request unless there are "legitimate" grounds to retain it.

• While flying his drone aircraft a Dallas, Texas, hobbyist spotted an enormous, oozing, illegal river of blood behind a meatpacking plant, emptying into the Trinity River. He called the cops. [Footnote: So now we have hobbyists flying their camera-equipped drones over our neighbourhoods? Nude sunbathers be advised.]
Looking for change? Check the sofa.

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