Friday, January 13, 2012

Signs of the times

Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed. ~ Irene Peter
• One of the largest construction firms in Japan proposes to build a wide belt of solar panels across the surface of the moon, potentially the largest public infrastructure project in human history.

• Japan’s agriculture ministry is building a fully robotic experimental farm on a swath of farmland inundated by the tsunami last March. Unmanned tractors will till, plant, tend and harvest rice, soybeans, wheat, and various fruits and vegetables.

• Tea grown with panda excrement is said to have cancer-fighting properties, and will sell for around $36,000 per pound.

• NAV-TV has come up with a "bypass" that allows you to watch a DVD in your BMW or Mercedes WHILE MOVING. Can you spell d-i-s-t-r-a-c-t-e-d d-r-i-v-e-r?

• A German physicist has come up with a faster, more secure, replacement for Wi-Fi based on LED lightbulbs.

• The pilot of a passenger jet descending to Christchurch International Airport on Boxing Day radioed ground control with a sighting of a shark flying at several thousand feet. Turns out it was a radio-controlled, helium-filled shark, the hot Christmas gift item this year in New Zealand.
Looking for change? Check the sofa.

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