Thursday, December 22, 2011

Smart Christmas gifts for grandparents

Perfect for the Florida beaches. Gramps can make money just by shuffling through the sand with these metal-detecting flip-flops.

Get Grandma racing! Yep, these slot-racing grannies will give the euchre crowd some real competition.

Are the attendants at the nursing home always snatching grandma's secret gin stash? Get her a pair of Dram Sandals footwear flasks, and she'll never be without her "medicine." Great for euchre, too!

Both grandma and grandpa will appreciate these swell lighted slippers to illuminate their way on those "night-time errands."

Does grandma have cold hands? Get her these snuggy Handerpants. Great for euchre!

Give grandpa a break. No more trips to the fridge every 20 minutes. Load up this beer belt and he's set until halftime. Also great for euchre!

Sure to be popular when pasta is the early bird special, the Drib keeps costly polyester golf shirts stain-free, and no need for a doggy bag with those nifty, catch-all, bottom pockets.

These shirts are sure to be hit with the Depends set, especially when the grandchildren come to visit at the retirement home.

In case grandma's T-shirt warning is ignored, give her a back-up pair of emergency underpants. They come in a handy package that tells everyone she's ready for fun.

The Uroclub is the perfect gift for older golfers with a frequent "urge to go", especially when there's no nearby shrubbery. Towel not included. Pair it with the beer belt! Also handy for euchre!


  1. Geez Louise, Doug. Don't be pokin' fun. We're gonna need those things in a few years.

  2. I could use a couple of these right now.