Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What worries us?

Leading research firm Ipsos tells us what's on Canadians' minds these days, and how that compares to those living elsewhere.

There are some interesting differences.

Our top three issues are healthcare, jobs and taxes, and Americans agree with us about the first two. But, surprisingly, despite all of the caterwauling about taxes south of the border, only 23% of them rank this in the top three, compared to 37% of Canadians.

Collectively, we are less concerned about poverty and social inequality than the French and the Germans, but much more so than the Americans.

The human propensity to focus on immediate problems, rather than longer-range threats that may actually have more dire consequences, is reflected by the universally small percentage given to climate change.

Except for the Yanks and the Brits, terrorism barely shows up on most people's radar.

Lots more to ponder:

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  1. Worries??? Right now I'm just worried about moving. I'm aware the polar ice cap is melting but I HAVE TO MOVE. sigh.