Friday, November 18, 2011

Things I learned this week

I learned that:
• Cows contribute more to greenhouse gases than do cars, and 95% of the methane produced by a cow is burped out the front end, not farted out the rear end.

• City of Toronto police cruisers are not fitted with snow tires for winter.

• Canadians' use of food banks has jumped by 26% since 2008.

• Strangely, many Americans who receive benefits from government programs fail to grasp that these benefits come from the government. This disconnect applies to 60% of homeowners who qualify for a home mortgage interest deduction, 44% of social security recipients, 39% of those on medicare, and 53% of people with government-backed student loans.

• The botherations of the mega-rich are unknown to the rest of us. Consider the headache of finding a suitable vacation spot now that the south of France, Tuscany, and the Greek Islands are so overrun with the riff-raff. Help has arrived in the form of the yacht island. Yes, it's an island that you can relocate at your whim.

• It was was Lincoln’s treasury secretary, Salmon P. Chase, who got "In God We Trust" printed on U.S. currency, despite the founding fathers insistence on separation of church and state.
How about that?

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