Thursday, November 10, 2011

Signs of the times

Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed. ~ Irene Peter
• Every hour, Canada has 42 births, 28 deaths, and 25 immigrants, and is growing at 1% annually.

• Battery recycling is lagging behind the wave of electric and hybrid vehicles now entering the marketplace, according to The New York Times. Lithium, used in the current generation of batteries (which can weigh up to 250 kilograms each), costs five times as much to recycle as to mine, so legislation will likely be needed to force recycling. One possibility is to use the batteries to store energy from wind farms or solar panel arrays.

• The profit per square foot from an Apple Retail Store is six times the profit of a Best Buy.

• A Canadian organization, Small Change Fund, is based on the idea that many small donations can make some big things happen. It provides an online platform for charities to pitch their projects, and for donors to give a few dollars to the one that resonates most with them.

• Social responsibility is seldom considered by Canadian investors when selecting their investments, according to a recent Ipsos survey.

Cleavage seems to be a really big deal in China. All part of the Great Leap Forward, no doubt.
Looking for change? Check the sofa.

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