Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stuck in the blog bog

I just think I've escaped, and then it reaches out to push me under again.

Stuff. Digital stuff. Interesting digital stuff.

A while back, I discovered RSS feeds, a handy way to follow all the blogs that interest me. RSS saves time because you don't need to visit each site individually, or sign up for each site's email alerts.

At first, it was just a half dozen, but now there are 28 blogs dumping their content into this swamp of information. This morning, I have 277 unread posts waiting to be read, scanned, trashed --- whatever.

Please understand that all of this stuff is written by interesting people who have something useful/funny/informative/thought-provoking/insightful to say. That's why I started following each of them in the first place.

So the time has come to give the beast a haircut, but what must go?

Surely not The Walrus with its unique Canadian perspective, or the eloquent dissertations of The Parallel Parliament.

I must have my regular dose of quirky musings from A North Pelham Journal, and warnings of the latest scams from Ellen Roseman's On Your Side.

I depend on David Olive's Everybody's Business to explain what's really going on in the big stories that get just 30 seconds on the evening news, on Txchnologist to stay current with research you never hear about in the mainstream media, and on Bad Science to expose the phony "breakthrough discoveries" and misused statistics that fill newspapers and newscasts.

I, Cringely has the inside track and all the scoops on Silicon Valley's winners and losers. I want Bill Carrigan's stock market insights via his Market Chat. And I like Claire Kerr's slant on the non-profit world, found in her Nonprofity.com.

With all that heavy thinking, I can't do without the silliness of The Oatmeal, and the great sampling of editorial cartoons at CartoonBlog.

There are plenty more, but you can see my problem. I'm incapable of self control. Somebody needs to take away my keys!

Just this morning, I added Seth Godin's blog after coming across his post on The math of favors. How could I not?


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  1. Ha ha!

    I suppose you'll know you've reached the saturation point when you find yourself reading somebody's golf blog when you should be out playing.