Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I learned this week

I learned that:
• Canada has three of the world's 10 most liveable cities, according to The Economist: 1. Melbourne 97.5 2. Vienna 97.4 3. Vancouver 97.3 4. Toronto 97.2 5. Calgary 96.6 6. Sydney 96.1 7. Helsinki 96 8. Perth 95.9 9. Adelaide 95.9 10. Auckland 95.7

• The Lancaster London hotel has ten hives on its roof, housing a million honey bees that are drawn to the blossoms of Hyde Park.

• Using Velcro, researchers have found a simple way to grow engineered muscle tissue in the laboratory.

• A school teacher and a radio presenter in Veracruz, Mexico, now face up to 30 years in prison for allegedly using Twitter to spread false reports of gunmen attacking schools and kidnapping children, causing a panic.

• Among boomer-aged (50-64) internet users, use of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn on a typical day has grown to 32%, according to Pew Research.

• Most people don't wash their thumbs when they wash their hands.
How about that?

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