Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I learned this week

I learned that:
• Watching TV for six hours a day could shorten your life expectancy by almost five years, according to Australian researchers.

• The future of air power will likely be unmanned, cheap, simple to use, pilotless drones that are small enough to fit in a soldier's backpack and are controllable using a tablet computer.

Seasteading Institute is looking to establish sovereign nations on movable platforms in international waters. Diesel-powered. Donate today!

• It's dangerous to tweet where you eat. A diner at a Houston restaurant was given the boot after she complained about the staff on Twitter while she was still at the eatery.

• Your childhood is written in your face. More symmetrical faces indicate a more privileged and easier upbringing, say scientists at the University of Edinburgh.

• About 25% of innocent people wrongly convicted of crimes confessed or pleaded guilty to the offences of which they were accused.
How about that?

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