Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The joy of words

I like words.

Words are powerful. They can change minds, they can hurt, they can make you smile or laugh out loud, and do much more.

I admire people who use them well.

One such is Brian Hayman, an Oakville musician who writes delightful essays, under the banner Getting In The Groove, for his friends and acquaintances, when he is "provoked" to do so.

Brian often juxtaposes discordant words that make you stop and think.

In his most recent essay, he stopped me twice, cold.

He wrote "But I’m nothing if not selectively open-minded."

Isn't that a wonderful turn of phrase, and aren't we all "selectively open-minded" about everything from politics to the ingredients of a proper Margarita?

He then described his reaction to something as "robustly tentative." Damn, I wish I had written that. A truth about human nature in two words.

I am so often robustly tentative about this or that, all gung-ho and holding back at the same time.

Thanks, Brian.

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