Friday, October 2, 2009

This week's episode of the human comedy

Some headshakers from the past week:
• In Everett, Washington, the cognoscenti were starting their day with a full frontal latte at the the Grab-n-Go Espresso stand over on Broadway, where they could get whipped cream topping on their coffee or, for a few bucks more, lick it off Ayesha's private parts. No we're not kidding, and that is just the beginning of the treats available from the G-n-G baristas, all of whom are now facing multiple counts of prostitution and violating the city's adult entertainment ordinance. And you thought a Starbucks Caffè Misto was exotic.

• In Aston Cantlow, England, Adrian and Gail Wallbank received a nasty surprise when presented with a £230,000 invoice for repairs to a 13th-century local church. Apparently, under a law dating back to the reign of Henry VIII, whoever owns their farm is liable for part of the church's upkeep.

• In Staffordshire, England, a jobless man on welfare wanders around on someone else's land with his metal detector and finds an ancient gold and silver treasure worth $1.6 million.

• In Los Angeles, California, a man caused a stir when he dashed to the restroom on an airplane prior to takeoff. The United Airlines aircraft returned to the gate, passengers disembarked, he and his companion were arrested, and the plane was searched because cabin crew thought this suspicious. Nothing was found. He just had to go.

• In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a fight between a pit bull and another dog was broken up when a man bit the pit bull on the nose.

• In Breakers West, Florida, David Fischer, 76, returned early from a vacation when Bossler Roofing contacted him to say they had mistakenly removed the roof of his house.

• In New York City, Ronald Tackman was able to walk unchallenged out of a prisoner holding area, through a courtroom and out of the Criminal Courthouse building because he was dressed as a lawyer. Tackman was awaiting trial for robbery.
Life is a cabaret.

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