Thursday, October 15, 2009

Canada Revenue to stripper: "It's nothing personal"

Martine Landry, a peeler at Montreal’s Chez Parée, captivated a wealthy patron who expressed his appreciation for her art with $2 million in gifts, including a Corvette, money to buy a BMW, a downpayment for a house, and cash to buy a downtown bar and get out of the dancing business.

"Bless you for your benevolence, babe," said Martine, or words to that effect.

"Bodacious," said Canada Revenue Agency, which demanded $602,617 in taxes and penalties on the basis that the gifts were the result of a professional relationship with this elderly student of the female form.

"Bum rap," said Landry's lawyer, who claimed the relationship was personal and the gifts non-taxable.

"Bang on," said the presiding tax court judge.

"Bonjour," said Martine, and sped off in her Bimmer.

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