Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mint is not freshening a bad smell

Remember the "missing gold" story from the summer?

That was when the Canadian mint fessed up that they had misplaced half a ton of gold, worth about $15.3 million at the July price, worth a helluva lot more now after the recent run-up. The gold had been lost since 2008, and they had looked everywhere for it, but they had to admit they were stumped. Sorry.

This story only had legs for one news cycle, and then disappeared down the rathole of public apathy.

Last week, inexplicably, this jumped into my consciousness from somewhere in the dark recesses of a mind that can't remember whether I've put the sugar in my coffee. I e-mailed Ian Law, Public Security reporter at the Ottawa Citizen and Canada.com to check whether there was anything new on this since he reported it on July 4.

Apparently not, although Mr. Law says we should expect something in about three weeks when reports are expected from reviews of various internal procedures.

My Prediction: There will be plenty of convoluted explanations that blame it all on problems in "the system," and assurances that the thing has been patched up to avoid a re-occurrence. No one will lose their job. No one will be demoted. No one will be reprimanded. It will not make you, as a taxpayer, feel fresh and clean.

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