Monday, September 14, 2009

Recessionary Rolls is no runt

It's so tiresome, all this recession nonsense, but one must avoid appearing imprudent, mustn't one?

You wouldn't call it meager, modest, petite or puny, but it may be just the thing if you've had to release the chauffeur from your employ. The new, more restrained, Rolls-Royce Ghost, suitable for those who may now be driving themselves into the city, is still a considerable presence, weighing two and a half tons, and powered by a 563 horsepower V12 engine.

Sir must have his comforts, too, beginning with a 600 watt, 10-channel audio system with 16 speakers, umbrellas hidden in the door jambs, self-righting "RR" hubcaps, picnic tables, lamb's wool carpets, and an automatically retracting Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament --- altogether satisfactory value at around $300,000, considering that the more substantial Phantom is on offer for $500,000.

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