Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pathetic pleas for Polanski

So, the forces of justice finally caught up with Roman Polanski in Switzerland, 30-plus years after he enticed a 13-year-old girl to Jack Nicholson's house, drugged her, took obscene photographs of her, repeatedly raped and sodomized her. After his lawyers got the charges reduced in return for a guilty plea, he got cold feet and took it on the lam for France to escape a trial.

And now many of his famous friends are pleading for mercy, suggesting he get a free pass for, uh, being Roman Polanski, and for having done it all so long ago.

Too many celebs already think the rules of civilized behaviour, let alone the laws, apply only to others. Turning a blind eye here would be outrageous.

Shame on all who want to set this asshole free, including the French government, Poland's Foreign Minister, Woody Allen, David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, The Huffington Post, and Whoopi Goldberg. Had it been their daughter, would any of these be so forgiving?

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