Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drama queens explained

Seemingly without provocation, someone picks a fight. Someone else sees themselves as the target of a dark conspiracy where none exists. An innocent remark is interpreted as romantic obsession. A feud persists for years after the original slight has faded from memory. Just a sign that things have become a bit too humdrum?

Derek Sivers recounts Kurt Vonnegut's explanation of people's need for drama in their lives.

Vonnegut said, “People have been hearing fantastic stories since time began. The problem is, they think life is supposed to be like the stories."

Typically, our lives are relatively uneventful --- some good days, some not so good, nothing particularly heroic or disastrous.

“But because we grew up surrounded by big dramatic story arcs in books and movies, we think our lives are supposed to be filled with huge ups and downs! So people pretend there is drama where there is none,” said Vonnegut.

Check out Sivers' blog for more on this from the great American novelist, including his sketched plotline graphs.

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