Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 tests for geezerhood

• You keep a collection of empty margarine tubs (assorted sizes) in case you might need to mix some paint.

• You buy one of those wall cabinets with the little drawers to store screws, bolts, washers and stuff.

• You begin using shoetrees.

• You launder your golf cap.

• You top up the tank when the gas price drops, even though the gauge reads 3/4 full.

• You go nowhere without gas pills.

• You buy a Tilley hat, and actually wear it, in public.

• You start collecting barbeque recipes.

• You plan your diet around fibre.

• You can't go to the hardware store for three things without a list, but you can remember the name and position of every player on the NHL team you rooted for when you were 12.

How'd you do?

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