Monday, August 31, 2009

Seniors are mad as hell, and they ARE going to take more

Sounds like pissed-off seniors have found a way to express their disappointment with the way life has treated them. A Reuters report says, "Tokyo police will try to rein in a wave of shoplifting by lonely elderly people," a trend that hit a new high last year, and almost matched the number of cases involving young offenders.

According to the Japanese cops, "One out of four elderly shoplifters in the capital blamed their crime on loneliness ... Another 8 percent said it was because they had no reason to live." More than half had no friends and 40% lived alone. The guilty are usually sentenced to do community volunteer work.

Almost one quarter of shoplifting offences were by those 65 or older, a group that now constitutes 20% of Japan's population and will be 40% by 2050.

An American study found that about 15% of shoplifters are seniors.

Peter Berlin, the founder of the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, says the motivation for the five finger seniors discount is usually not financial need. “It's payback, the world is unfair, the kids don't call and seniors feel they are owed something for all they've done.”

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