Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our (new) most trusted man

Why is late night comedian Jon Stewart the most trusted newscaster in America, according to a Time Magazine poll? How is it possible that a funnyman could have inherited the mantle of the sainted Walter Cronkite, America's all-time favourite news anchor?

I think it may be because Stewart shares a few traits with Cronkite, beginning with a genuine curiosity about the way things work, the reasons powerful people make the decisions they make, and the implications of it all for the country and the world.

People sense a basic fairness in both men. Stewart makes no secret that he leans left, but he has given right wingers like William Kristol, John Bolton and Mike Huckabee an opportunity to explain their positions on hot-button issues like torture and abortion. Stewart attacks the position, not the person. This contrasts sharply with mean-spirited interviewers who bully those with opinions contrary to their own.

Stewart's appeal is not just humour, but good humour as well.

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