Friday, August 7, 2009

Have a thought for your thumbs

Late breaking news here on the dangers of cellphone use from syndicated doctors Roizen and Oz (these are the guys from the Oprah show).

In addition to distraction that causes you to plough into an ambulance, sideswipe a kindergarten class on a field trip, or plunge into the Niagara gorge, there are less dramatic risks that aren't disclosed in Bell Mobility ads.

Blackberry thumb is not related to picking fruit. It is tendinitis in your thumbs caused by too much thumb-typing, a potentially career-ending injury for major players in the financial big leagues. Cellphone elbow involves burning, tingling or numbness, and comes from holding the phone to the ear for extended periods. Hunching over your iPhone will cause texting neck.

OMG, tell your BFF now!

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