Friday, August 21, 2009

Ganja grandmas got a game plan

A group of California retirees is telling the U.S. government to butt out, and are getting into the doobie biz. Residents of the Leisure World retirement community should soon be growing maryjane on their balconies. More than 200 seniors turned out to discuss forming their own nonprofit medical marijuana collective.

According to the NPR story, "Both the American Medical Association and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society say there is a need for more research in the field. Meanwhile, 13 states [including California] now approve the medical use of marijuana. But the federal government still classifies the plant as an illegal 'Schedule I' controlled substance, with no accepted medical use — a category it shares with cocaine and heroin."

Nonetheless, when you're eighty years old and the stuff stops your MS nausea, you need a reliable, inexpensive, source of supply, something that is hard to find. Prices are high and quality questionable at the approved dispensaries.

The collective intends to sell the good stuff cheaper than the current 20 bucks per gram charged for what many say isn't exactly Maui wowie, so business should be brisk.

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