Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eau de troit

Perfume: Any smell that is used to drown a worse one.

Cadillac is bringing out a fragrance. No, not giving off a fragrance, as in that plastics/adhesives/sealants off-gassing that is so prized by new car owners.

This is a line of men's cosmetics that includes deodorant, after-shave, body wash, etc. offered in tribute to Caddy's 100th anniversary (close call, eh?). The scent is a mix of grapefruit, camomile, cinammon (sounds like breakfast so far), tarragon, sweet spice and incense.

So this is what they mean by "The New General Motors." Dude!

Can't wait for the GMC Pick-up truck fragrance --- a distinctive blend of wet dog, horse manure, heaping ashtray, and spilled Budweiser.

Or the Chrysler Minivan scent --- essence du hockey bag, lost sneaker, Happy Meal, and diaper pail, with just a hint of dead guppy.

Remember, we have to buy this stuff, or the terrorists win.

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